SiliBend Assortment

Silicone Stripes
Silicone Stripes are medical devices used in vitreorethin surgery. They are normally applied to the sclera by tightening and knotting them according to the degree of episcleral indentation desired by the surgeon. At the end of the procedure, it is advisable to suture or apply a clip along the edges of the strainer to the desired tension. The knots of the sutures should be carefully cut to avoid decubitus of the materials used in the conjunctival mucosa.

Macular Buckles
Macular Buckles are medical devices made of special silicone implants, capable of hardening the macular region during the detachment of the posterior retina. Their use normally involves placing the implant on the sclera in correspondence with the macular region and sliding it by pushing it with the handle (from the periphery) until it is precisely positioned on the macula, then suturing the handle (near its attachment with the implant) applying two sutures to firmly lock it in place. Ophthalmoscopically, then, it is checked whether the implant indentation falls into the desired area when the two wires are pulled out, otherwise the positioning is repeated. When the indentation appears centered at the posterior detachment of the retina, the implant head is connected by two additional sutures. Once the implant is secured and checked that it is correctly indented, the sutures can be fixed and the handle cut, thus concluding the operation. The procedure described allows to guarantee a better possibility of a correct anatomical position of the implant with a better graduation of its indenting effect. During the procedure, the surgeon can directly control the location of the implant body in relation to the area to be indented and the effectiveness of the indentation sought.

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