How to use: Open the PDMS package and remove the luer lock seal cap. The device can be used in two operating modes, as a refill for recharging a depleted pneumatic syringe during infusion, or as a manual infusion system. If refilling an exhausted pneumatic syringe, connect the syringe to a free tap port, screw the syringe in, rotate the connection tap and press on the piston until it is fully refilled, then rotate the tap back to the infusion position and continue referring to the instructions in the package containing the syringe for the pneumatic infusion. When used as a manual infusion system, the high viscosity of the liquid must be taken into account; therefore, it is advisable to limit the use of manual infusion to viscosity 1000 and 1300 cSt, whereas the use of manual infusion is not recommended in the cases of viscosity 2000 cSt and especially in the cases of 5000 cSt. We recommend the use of special cannulas, specially designed for infusion of viscous fluids.

PDMS 1000 – Plastic syringe 10 cc – Refill MMD-630
PDMS 1300 – Plastic syringe 10 cc – Refill MMD-680
PDMS 2000 – Plastic syringe 10 cc – Refill MMD-690
PDMS 5000 – Plastic syringe 10 cc – Refill MMD-640