Reduced tip Cannulas

The Micromed reduced tip cannulas are produced in a variety of configurations with different dimensional and shape characteristics. The cannulas are available in lenght 31.3 mm, straight or curved, with polyimide microtubes having straight tips of various extension. The use of polyimide microtubes, thanks to the semi-rigid structure of the flexible tip, allows an easier directionality of the suction hole so as to achieve more precisely the zones of interest.

Reduced tip aspiration cannula
20G/30G (31.3 + 3 mm)
Reduced tip curved aspiration cannula
20G/30G (31.3 + 5 mm)
Reduced tip aspiration cannula
23G/30G (31.3 + 3 mm)
Reduced tip aspiration cannula
25G/30G (31.3 + 3 mm)