PDMS (Silicone Oil) Assortment

The Micromed PDMS Silicone Oils are high-purity oils characterized by non-polar neutral chians with a volatility less than 0.1%.
The Micromed PDMS 1000 is a basic silicone characterized by a distribution of lengths of chains with a standard deviation less than 0.02% at a typical viscosity of 1000 centiStokes; its braking index is coventionally set to 1.
The same silicone is supplied in viscosity of 1300 centiStokes (PDMS 1300) with the same characteristics but with a braking index 4% higher.
The PDMS 2000 (2000 cSt) has a braking index 15% higher and is suitable for cases where the emulsion with the proteic liquids present in the eye after vitrectomy has a chance to happen without bumps on the retinal surface induced by surgery.
PDMS 5000 (5000 cSt) has instead a braking index 70% higher and therefore it is indicated in those cases where manipulation of the retina is relevant, that is in cases of strong treatments in cantilever fashion on large encircling and for more than 40% of the retinal surface or in cases of retinotomy made in presence of encircling or wide retractions.

Silicones are used in the medical field from about fifty years. No other material has proven to be so biocompatible, reliable, flexible and easily sterilizable such as silicone. The PDMS fluid is indicated and recommended in all the world’s Pharmacopeia for use as medical device. They are odorless and tasteless, do not support the growth of bacteria and does not stain or corrode other materials, but above all, show a superior compatibility with human tissues and body fluids. The recommended sterilization processes are those performed with dry heat or by irradiation with gamma rays. One of the most important class of applications is that in the ophthalmologic field, as long term buffering in place of the vitreous humor, in surgical treatment of retinal detachment.

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