PDMS-pack Micromed S.r.l Roma


How to use: Open the PDMS package and completely remove the metal cage. Clean the exposed rubber of the cap with alcohol and after removing it pour the contents of the vial into a sterile plastic syringe from which it is then injected into the eye by mechanical or pneumatic means. Due to the high viscosity of the liquid, it is not recommended to inject it by hand. We recommend the use of special cannulas, specially designed for infusion of viscous fluids.

PDMS 1000 – Vial 10 cc MMD-755
PDMS 1000 – Vial 15 cc MMD-758
PDMS 1300 – Vial 10 cc MMD-731
PDMS 2000 – Vial 10 cc MMD-791
PDMS 5000 – Vial 10 cc MMD-771
PDMS 5000 – Vial 15 cc MMD-772