c2f6_2 micromed oftamologia roma



How to use: Before infusion, the MicroC2F6 gas must be sterilized by passing it through the filter; the other accessories included in the package are already ETO sterilized. In the case of a pure MicroC2F6, a mixture must be prepared with air before infusion is carried out; this is done directly in the syringe supplied, carefully following the instructions contained in the liar. In the case of the pre-mixed MicroC2F6, simply fill the syringe supplied with the gas in the can and proceed directly.
The MicroC2F6 has an average eye residence of no more than 17 days.

MICROC2F6P – 50 cc canister – Pure MMD-785
MICROC2F6M – 50 cc canister – Mixed at 16% MMD-784