Buratto/Orciuolo Cannulas

The Buratto/Orciuolo Cannulas produced by MICROMED are cannulas for the bimanual aspiration of cortical residues after the phacomulsification of the nucleus. They are used through the corneal tunnel and allow you to reach all points of the bag for complete removal.
They are made up of a pair of two-handed cannulas for aspiration of cortical residues in FACO and ECCE surgery. They allow easy and easy cleaning of the capsule even in the most hidden positions.

Product made in collaboration with the Ambrosian Center for Eye Microsurgery (Dr. Buratto).

Pair of Buratto/Orciuolo Cannulas MMD-143
Pair of titanium Buratto/Orciuolo Cannulas MMD-146
All models are available on request
with smooth or sandblasted tips