Production of biomaterials and accessories for ophthalmic surgery



Silicone oil for intraocular use

Silicone Oil: PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) is an oily liquid of high purity and transparency, high viscosity, intended to replace the vitreous humor in vitrectomy surgery, with a long stay in the eye, usually longer than 30 days. The medical device PDMS (silicone oil for intraocular use) belongs to class IIb of medical devices.


Liquid Perfluorocarbon

Perfluoro: PFCL (Perfluorodecaline) is a liquid of high purity and transparency, high density, intended to be used for washing the vitreous chamber during ophthalmic surgery, with a stay in the eye of max one hour. The medical device PFCL (perfluorocarbon for ophthalmic surgery) belongs to class IIa of medical devices.


Intraocular Gas

MicroGas: SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride), C2F6 (hexafluoroethane) and C3F8 (Octafluoropropane) are gases of high purity and transparency, high molecular weight, used to replace vitreous humor during vitrectomy surgery, with average stay in the eye, covering from about 7 to about 28 days (SF6 – 7 days, C2F6 – 17 days, C3F8 – 28 days). The medical devices MicroGas (intraocular gases for ophthalmic surgery) belong to class IIb of medical devices.


Silicone rubber implants

SiliBend: The SiliBend (Silicone Stripes and Macular Buckles) are silicone rubber components, of different shapes, used for the surgical treatment of retinal detachment. The Silicone Stripes are available either open shape as “stripe” or closed shape as “tyre”. The Macular Buckle is a particular kind of silicone rubber implant, used to indent the macular region during the surgical treatment of posterior retinal detachment. The medical devices SiliBend (silicone rubber implants for treatment of retinal detachment) belong to class IIb of medical devices.


Cannulas and other accessories for ophthalmic surgery

Vitrectomy Accessories: Vitrectomy Accessories (cannulas, adapters, visco-extrusion set) are instruments and support accessories used for specific purposes during vitreo-retinal surgery. The medical devices included in this assortment belong to class IIb of medical devices.